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Dunbar's Cash Manager Safes simplify your cash handling processes, reducing labor costs, simplifying checkouts and mitigating risks of theft and loss. And cellular connectivity means they’ll reconcile deposits with your bank, giving you advance access to the credit your business needs to operate.

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How it Works

  • 01 Point of sale: Cashiers insert currency directly into the Cash Manager Safe. Each deposited bill is authenticated and automatically reconciled within the safe.
  • 02 Processing: Your smart safe prepares your bank deposit bill-by-bill, transaction-by-transaction, then electronically sends transaction data to Dunbar’s secure Valu-Trak web portal, giving you access to your cash flow.
  • 03 Pickup and deposit: Armed Dunbar Armored teams service your safe, remove deposits and securely transport them to a Dunbar Cash Vault, where the funds are verified and the deposits are transferred into your bank account.

Cash management, simplified

Dunbar’s Cash Manager Safes wirelessly integrate directly with our cash-in-transit systems including Dunbar Armored, Cash Vaulting, EZChange, and more, providing a best-in-class, single-source solution for all your cash management needs.

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Cash Manager Safe benefits

Increased productivity

Reduced labor time preparing deposits and shift checkouts means you and your employees can spend more time running your business and servicing your customers.

Improved loss prevention

Automating tasks susceptible to human intervention, Cash Manager Safes minimize the risk of internal and external theft.

Counterfeit detection

Currency is authenticated as it enters the safe and unqualified bills are immediately rejected, preventing additional expenses down the line.


All safe activity is available through Cash-Aware on Dunbar’s secure Valu-Trak website, allowing for remote management and accounting of cash from any location, twenty-four hours a day.

Advanced credit

Wireless communication to your bank facilitates advanced credit to your account.

Reduced cash management expenses

Cash Manager Safes eliminate the need for deposit bags and automatically generate cash deposit slips.

Dunbar's Cash Manager Safes

Cash Manager Safes are versatile solutions for efficiently managing the cash flow of your business. Their slim, space-saving design allows for optimal placement, ensuring that effective cash management begins directly at the point-of-sale. Safes operate on a cellular communication system with plug-and-play functionality; simply plug it in, power it up, and your cash management system is ready to go.

  • smart safe 1200

    CM 1200 Specs

    • 7" W
    • 16" D
    • 31" H (with 10" base)
    • Approximately 100 lbs
    • Single bill reader and cassette
    • 1,200 deposit note capacity
  • smart safe

    CM 2400 Specs

    • 13" W
    • 16" D
    • 31" H (with locking base)
    • Approximately 300 lbs
    • Dual bill readers and cassettes
    • 2,400 deposit note capacity (4,400 capacity also available)
  • smart safe 2900

    CM Recycler 2900 Specs

    • 26.5" W
    • 24.25" D
    • 32" H
    • Approximately 600 lbs
    • 900 note recycling
      (3 denominations)
    • 2,000 deposit note capacity


No hidden fees; services are all-inclusive

Armored car deposit pick-up service

Field hardware support 7 days a week

Independent, secure wireless connection

Unlimited access to reporting

All transaction data stored indefinitely

Service & maintenance agreement for the entire term of contract

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