Access to detailed and accurate cash management information is imperative to your organization. Dunbar continuously invests in the best tracking and cash management technology in the industry, providing the necessary data to enhance cash and valuable logistics and loss prevention controls.

Dunbar Valu-Trak delivers on-demand access to all of your cash and valuable information through various portals:

  • Dunbar D-Trak. Barcode scanning technology providing activity tracking for all deposits and change orders.
  • Dunbar Veri-Trak. Cash vault reports detailing all deposit processing activity.
  • Dunbar Cash-Aware. Real-time, wireless transactional reporting of all Cash Manager Safe activity.
  • Dunbar Global-Trak. Tracking and reporting of Dunbar Global Logistics shipments from pickup to final delivery.
  • Web Ordering. 24-seven order placement and activity details.
  • Online Invoicing. Access to invoices anytime, anywhere, with an option to receive monthly email reports.


  • Enhanced logistics. Real-time access to detailed reports allows you to monitor locational cash activity or outsourced processing information, opt in to web invoicing, and order change online.
  • Strengthened controls and accountability. All essential information is scanned, recorded, and available online via the Valu-Trak portal.
  • Simplified business processes. Remote management of all locational cash and valuable activity allows for a flexible, anytime-anywhere approach to business processes.
  • Employee training and support. Video tutorials and demos detailing our products and services are provided online.

With Dunbar as your service provider, you benefit from customized, comprehensive solutions that deliver safety, security, and peace of mind.